The Innovator

The Innovator is revered for his ingenuity, ability to think outside of the box, and his commitment to making life easier for everyone. In the pantheon, The Innovator is responsible for designing new policies, technological advancements, and providing entertainment for the faithful. The Innovator lackadaisically commands his followers to strive for efficiency, to make their lives and the lives of others around them as easy as possible to free up time for more important matters, and to enjoy every moment of spare time you enjoy with friends, family, and an illusion-screen. There is no such thing as forbidden knowledge or an evil creation: the near sighted just have not found the best use, so create, manufacture, and distribute to your heart’s content! Remember that a creation inaccessible to the largest audience is a creation that needs some more work, or at least a built in coffee maker, because why not? And make sure you use some of that radiation infusing the world, it’s an unlimited natural resource*! Adherents of the Innovator are artists, artificers, wizards, entertainers, and those who seek to make their imaginations manifest without being restricted by morality or laws.

Status Lord of Darkness
Titles Artifice, Earth, Evil, Knowledge, Magic
Associated Sin Sloth
Home District San Jose
Alignment Neutral Evil
Portfolio Technological Advancement
Worshipers Artists, artificers, wizards, entertainers
Cleric Alignments



Artifice, Earth, Evil, Knowledge, Magic
Subdomains poopypoop
Favored Weapon Light Crossbow
Symbol Stylized Eye, half closed
Sacred Animal House Cat
Sacred Colors Gray, light blue

The Innovator

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